Tomorrows War Review

There is nothing I enjoy more than a good science fiction movie. Maybe a great live concert with a few jack daniels adult beverages. so when I saw the tv post pop up on my amazon fire stick I got excited. Then I saw that it was premiering July 2. I could get used to a new Amazon Prime movie of this quality every Friday night.

Tonight when I logged in to watch and realied it was July 2 already I got excited. We just got a new 5G T-mobile Home internet hookup so we got a nice stream to the big screen 4K flat screen in the living room. During the pandemic I upgraded the audio with a fairly inexpensive Yamaha amplifier. The first thing I noticed was the sound and hi fidelity. The sounds coming from behind me got me excited.

The action started fairly quickly. One thing I should note is that I’m not a fan of military science fiction and this is basically soldiers fighting aliens who want to eat humans in the future. The cool aspect of this movie is the timetravel spin. They did it well in a believable way. I love theconcept that space travel is like a boat.As time movies forward when you travel back you end up returning that duration forward depending on your stay in the future.

The other cool element was that the people who went back in time had to be people who were not born yet in the past and to travel forward you had to have already died before the date your traveling to. That being said aliens are winning the war in the future. Just 30 years from now. The population is down to 500,000 and they are recruiting soldiers from the past to help fight to prevent humanities extinction.

I know. As if present day humanity would go for that. You couldn’t present evidence to get the anti science group to believe. So to sum up the story. It’s compelling. They don’t even show an alien until what I think is about half way. And the other thing I loved is you think the movie is about over because they finish the tour in the future but then the third act has a nice climax in present day.

When I think Science fiction I like to think future earth. There was just enough of that to satisfy me. The fighting and action made sense in the scope of the story. I liked the cast. I realize that Chris Prat has been in 3 of the better science fiction films of the last few years. Jurassic World, Passangers and Gardians of the Galaxy. So I guess he is the go to guy for science fiction action here. He carries the film no issue there. I also enjoyed the female costar played by Yvonne Strahovski. I hope I see more of her.

I actually love the name of the movie Tomorrow War and I understand that it wasn’t the original title. I wonder who came up with it. Probably the marketing department. Then you have news that this was a $200 million dollar budget. I have to say that the FX left a little to be desired. I guess the action sequences with aliens gets expensive. That kind of budget you could create some incredible future wrolds and crazy space ships. I have a feeling the budget was actually a lot lower but that is just the price tag Amazon paid to buy the movie from Paramount who originally had plans for a big theatrical release. There was something very made for TV and streaming about this movie. The story did lack soemthing and the FX trended to low budget in some ways.

Overall this was veryenjoyable for science fiction. I wonder if it will hold up on watch 2.

Acting – 5
Story – 4
Entertainment – 4
Enjoyment – 4
Screenplay – 4
Cinematography – 4
Characters – 3
Plot Holes – 4
Production Value – 4
Overall – 5
Overall Score – 82

The Martian

In my opinion one of the best science fiction of the past decade. The reason I say that is because I can watch it again and again and I find it enjoyable even though I know what is going to happen. I find that extremely ironic because it’s basically a guy getting stranded on a deserted island all by himself and how can that be interesting? Well, Tom Hanks managed to do it in Castaway. Matt Damon finds a way to do it here.  Hanks talks to Wilson where Damon talks to his video diary, which is almost more interesting than him talking to someone else because it’s interesting to find out what he thinks and how he feels. This review is about what makes this a sci fi thriller. Let’s take a look at the conventions and see how they use them to make this story so interesting.