Texas Parents of the

Profoundly Gifted

Supporting our brightest minds and their families.

Texas Parents of the Profoundly Gifted is an online and in-person support group for families of profoundly gifted children from Texas and surrounding states that began in 2003. We hope you find the resources and support you are seeking whether you are a part of our group or not. We update our resources and events regularly, so check back with us!

Online Support for Families

We offer a private email group for parents of profoundly gifted children where you can go to ask questions, brag, and seek resources. With parents who have small children to married and grown children, we understand where you are and we probably have some funny stories of our own to share and help you feel a bit better about your journey.

In-Person Events for Families

We offer several formal and many informal gatherings for families throughout the year. We know how important it is for our children to belong so we offer as many opportunities as possible for this to happen.

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